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Title Description Focus Duration
Conflict management

This course provides trainees with the skills and techniques to recognise conflict in the workplace and pro-actively manage it's escalation.  The course also offers guidance on how to stay safe in conflict situations and also de-escalate conflict.  Legislation surrounding conflict and incident reporting are also covered within this course.

All school staff

Full day

Support for schools looking at PA and support based on individual caseloads

SLT and teachers

Effective Multi Agency liaison for ESP TAC meetings in line with SEN Procedure

Lead professional work and support for specific caseloads


Parent, Carer engagement Support for schools

Delivered by a fully qualified Family Support Worker. Work undertaken on an hourly basis focused to support families and schools with specific caseloads

Parents, SLT, teachers and support staff

DCD Supporting coordination difficulties and barriers within school

Practical information and support with coordination difficulties and barriers within school

Teachers and Support Staff

Whole Day or Half Day
Sensory needs

The course will give and insight into sensory need and how this effects children at school. It will look at all guidance on inclusion of children with sensory needs and offer practical advice and activities to support these pupils

Teachers and Support Staff

Whole Day or Half Day
Increasing independent work and engagement for SEN pupils and pupils with ASD, ADHD, ADD

This is a hands on course, during the half day workshop you will create tools and visuals to support your pupils as well as look at other methods and approaches including storyboards, comic strips and social stories

Teachers and Support Staff

Whole Day or Half Day
ASD Awareness

The course will give an insight into Autism, Asperger and PDA awareness. We will look at creating ASD friendly classrooms and work spaces. During the course there will be time to visit classrooms and complete an ASD audit to find out how best to tailor your teaching and learning environment

Teachers and Support Staff

Whole Day or Half Day
New approaches to assisting pupils with SEN and Attachment

Course will look at positive approaches and activities to manage behaviour that affect School and social engagement. The course will cover 1:1 and group activities as well as looking at creating safe, workable spaces for children

Teachers and Support Staff

Whole Day or Half Day
SEN awareness and creating working SEN Passports for pupils

Course will look at Individual SEN within school , with the aim to build staff awareness and hands on training enabling schools to develop their own SEN passports for pupils to meet their needs and staff needs for transitions and beyond in line with SEN best practice

Teachers and Support Staff

Whole Day or Half Day
Teaching Assistant Training

General guidance for support staff on how to assist teachers in the classroom and best support learners in lessons

Support Staff

Whole Day or Half Day

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